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    CreateJS Export tool source?




      I would like to request the source to the CreateJS Export tool.


      I am building a tool to export our assets through xJSFL automation, and it's working great.


      I have found a project, based on this CreateJS JSFL source, on GitHub here:




      This, however, is built for Dart + StageXL.


      I have integrated this version of the code into my tool, and am using it to output js in my project.


      The problem is the output is for Dart + StageXL, so I now must re-write the .toString functions to work with CreateJS.


      ... but this has already been done, in the original CreateJS export tool. I have checked the CreateJS export tool's source and this code comes bundled ofuscated, making it unusable to me.


      I am confused why one project is open source where the parent project is closed source.


      I would very much appreciate the source to the CreateJS JSFL scripts, even just the .toString functions, so I do not need to write something that's already been written before.


      Thank you,