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    Refrence a hidded subform from a row added from a button


      Ok I am very new to Adobe Pro and come from do programining background but I have a few issues I have tried to resolve before posting on here.


      I have a Row (OtherSubRow1) on a Table (SetupTable) that gets added via a button (CorpMemAddButton1) which that code works fine. The issue is in that row it is copying I have has a (yes,no) Drop down (CorpMemAddButton1) that refrences a hidden Sub form (OtherDoorSF). How do I #1 get any of additional row added to add a another instance of the Header assoicated with that Sub form and 2 prevent the other Row drop downs from nigationing the command that  showed the original command.



      I created a Sample but I Dont know how to add the Sample on here.