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    Audio out of sync when importing TV captured files into Premiere. Need solution.

    Jonzy Level 1

      I try to import h.264 compressed files from captured footage and when I import them in Adobe Premiere, they are all out of sync in the timeline, for a good 30 second more or less, it depend of the lenght it seems.  I tried to convert them into several format, and the issue still remain. They play fine in VLC and other players. If I outright convert them before importing them in Premiere, they are becoming out of sync either.  I tried to import them in After Effects in curiosity, and the exact problem persist.


      I have downloaded a trial of Sony Vegas, and it imported a sample file exactly as is. I have then made a render of the sample in a lossless format in .AVI, and imported it in Premiere, and the sync issue was gone in the timeline.


      I would appreciate to have some help and find a solution to eliminate this extra step of making another render in Vegas only to get a sync file.  I don't want to migrate in Sony Vegas neither.


      Thanks in advance.