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    Uninstall adobe reader?


      Printing PDFs has never worked for all PDFs since I had a trial version of adobe acrobat.  I would like to know how can I uninstall adobe reader???  Later I will download and reinstall.  Adobe will not help me, although they caused this problem with their trial acrobat.  Thx!

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          If it's Windows, uninstall in the usual way with the (Add/Remove) Programs Control Panel.

          Most importantly, if the trial is finished you need to uninstall Acrobat NOT Reader. Then repair Reader.

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            salamander123abc Level 1

            TY very much.  As you typed that I was uninstalling Reader.  So, I uninstalled Reader, and the Reader dictionary (I will try to do a fresh new download of the free Adobe reader later). Adobe support did uninstall the acrobat trial when I had called them.  That was what Adobe did but it did not fix the problem and enable reader to print.  Again I used to be able to print PDFs fine with reader before this stupid trial.  I see that I also have a program called acrobat.com.  Can I uninstall that??  I do not have any other acrobat product on this computer.  The only other adobe products I have are photoshop elements 4.0 and flash player 11 ActiveX.  I want to take any unneeded adobe stuff off and do the free download again.  Today I also made sure all Windows updates are current and installed.

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              pwillener Level 8

              Acrobat.com is no longer supported, and you should uninstall it.