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    Photoshop cursor movement locks


      I have just got CS6 and I am having problems with the brushes tool when drawing, moving a cursor values, moving images and so on. Although I am moving the brush, on screen it appears as if it wasn't moving at all, and the circle around the brush appear, as if the brush was stationary, and a line starts to appear around the brush cursor creating a circle, when this circle is complete, it bring the left-click menu (when using brush tool). It's frustrating, becase a 5 min job ends up taking 20mins instead. I'm having to do really exaggerated cursor movements for the circle to not appear around the cursor and actually register movement, but by that point, the movement is so exaggerated that it messes up the drawing or piece I am working with... please help. This didn't happen with CS3 when I was using it yesterday, but has been happening since the beginning with CS6

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          I am experiencing this same behavior, and it is most annoying. For me, it did not start immediately after loading CS6 CC, but is constant now. It results in brush tools useless, and for me is also affecting the general cursor - i.e., if I want to change the size of a brush, pull down the size slider and try to grab and move the slider, i get the circular "here's your cursor" animation and the cursor fails to grab the slider. I might also mention that this happens only when using a pen/tablet (Wacom Intuos), using a mouse or touchpad does not bring on this behavior. HELP!

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            ThirstyEar Level 1

            I found the issue, in my case, at least. After searching forums for cursor issues and seeing a tip to de-configure middle mouse click in Wacom preferences, I discovered that in its last auto system update, Win 8 pro decided to "update" the Wacom tablet driver by blowing it away and replacing it with some generic Microsoft HID tablet driver...   aargh.   Hopefully this will help someone.

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              isracab Level 1

              You were right, I did that and now it's working fine. Many thanks!