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    FM 11 compatibility with older FM

    Andrea Soc


      i buyed the new FM 11 but the others user in my lan have FM 8; is possible save in FM11 in FM8 version?



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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, but your choice for backwards compatibility is Save As MIF 7; once you open a FM 8 doc, it will be upgraded to FM11 & no longer openable by FM8

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            Andrea Soc Level 1

            many thanks Jeff!Work it!

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              Art_Campbell Level 3

              You can always preserve some backwards compatibility by saving as MIF. A

              FM11 MIF should -- note the should -- be able to be opened in earlier

              versions. You lose any "new" features, but the early FM MIF parser should

              just discard "new" information.


              Also, there are export filters, some not implemented, that let you save to

              an earlier version as Jeff noted.




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                Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Note: FM7 was not unicode aware, so if you've used any unicode specific characers in your FM11 document, saving as FM7 MIF will not properly convert these (you'll either see question marks or funny double-characters.


                For FM8, you should really save as FM11 MIF. FM8 will ignore any feature in the MIF that it doesn't undersstand and will be able to open the file.