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    How do you make a tape?

    zhithos Level 1

      This can be done with Photoshop cs6?

      No Illustrator.

      How do you make a tape?


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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          _Very_ quick and dirty, but this will do the job if you take time with the initial path.


          Use the pen tool to creat a nice curved path.

          Set the brush to a small diameter semi-hard, and chose a colour

          Create a new layer > right click the work path, and stroke the path with the brush on the new layer.

          With that layer selected, Free Transform, and nudge it upward a couple of pixels, and OK it.

          Now hold down Shift Ctrl Alt (Shift Cmd Opt) and press the t key until the ribon is the required thickness.  (This is Free transform step and repeat)


          Select all the ribbon layers and flatern them.  (not the BG layer)

          Lock the transparent pixels for this layer.

          Ctrl (Cmd) click the work path to load it as a selection.  Note it will join the ends, but that is OK

          select the Burn tool and set it to about 50%.  (You'll need a largish fully soft brush)

          Burn the under side of the ribbon to shade it.

          select the Dodge tool, invert the selection (Shift Ctrl i) and lighten the upper side of the ribbon.


          Take care not to let either dodge or burn tools impact on the vertical border of the selection.  In fact make sure that your ribbon's work path starts and stops more of less vertically in line.  You can trim this later.Ribbon.jpg

          There are other ways that will do it better, but this is very quick, and if you do a nice job of the curved work path, will look OK.