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    Indesign CS6 "adobe application manager is missing or damaged"


      Hi all,

      I have problems with Adobe Indesign CS6. Since I have installed it (November 2012), almost every day when I open the program it shows this message: "adobe application manager, which is required for verify license, is missing or damaged. Please reinstall it"


      If I download and install application manager, I have two errors, "fonts or CMaps files missing, reinstall Indesign" or "CP1252.txt missing, reinstall Indesign" and I must reinstall Indesign (I have tried to copy the missing folders and files in the installation folder, and it works, but the problem goes back)

      I have tried all the solution that I have founded on internet and suggested from the adobe tech support (clean and reinstall the app, create new local admin account, change antivirus, preferences reset, selective startup, send a list of installed program to the tech support, install updates and patches, copy missing files and folders, create new adobe ID, and more)


      I have also changed pc, but the problem is still present (this is very strange, and for this reason I think there is a problem with an installed program or with license)


      If you can help I attach to this post the list of installed programs (obtained with this dos command: wmic /output:<complete file path>.txt product get name,version), download the file


      Other info: Windows 7 x64 Professional (with SP1 and all updates), Fujitsu Esprimo P400 E85+, I use Indesign on domain account (which is machine's administrator, but I have tried also on local admin account)


      How I can solve it?



      Thanks in advance for support