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    Why are my images saving grey when they should be white?


      Hi all,


      I need to create a header for my blog, which I've done and uploaded it here; testertown.blogspot.com (apologies for the name, it's just to design the template before uploading)

      In the Photoshop window it comes up brilliant white background, brilliant colours.

      But when I upload it it's like it has a grey haze over it?

      I'm using Photoshop 9, and have never had any trouble before, I got rid of the blog template I've been using to see if it's being caused by that but no luck.

      I've tried uploading the image to photobucket and then inserting it like that, still the same.


      I've tried using a transparent background, upping the contrast and brightness of the whole image, starting with a white background in all of the available options: CMYK, Lab, RGB.


      Does anyone have any suggestions? I've created a blog header before and it's come out white, with no problems or altering..


      I have downloaded fonts which I'm using as the header, but the whole image is grey, not just the font area.


      Many thanks,