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    Ereaser tool (among others) are not working in correct spot in Photoshop CC, but in CS6

    HakanErn Level 1


      I am using PS CC on Windows7 with a digital board (don´t know if that is correct english, but - with a digital pen, instead of a mouse)

      When I try to erease, clone or write with the pen tool, nothing is happening where the cursor is, but instead rather far below that point.
      If I use the mouse, it works well, also the digital pen could be used without any problems to perform other things as changing tools, close an image by clikcing the "x", or choos layers or whatever.
      Changing to PS CS6 the problem disappears - everything works fine.


      I have reset the settings by holding shift-ctrl-alt while starting the program.


      Anyone who knows what this is?


      Thnaks in advance,