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    Flash CC Crashed During Save, Months of Work: GONE

    GP Animations

      I've been working on a project in Flash CS6 (later opened and modified in CC when it debuted) for months now. Today, I invested over an hour of animation into it when I noticed the autosave wasn't working, so I manually clicked Save. Flash CC then crashed and when restarted, it couldn't open the .fla. When I looked at the .fla file, it now says it's 1kb in size.


      Thankfully, I have a Mac that utilizes Time Machine through a hard drive connected to my AirPort Extreme and I also periodically save all my source files to my personal web server. However, I still lost all of the work I did today. Is there anyway to fix the .fla file or am I just S.O.L. and need to grab the last save Time Machine copy?


      Regardless, I'll be sticking with Flash CS6 and might just cancel CC subscription completely since I only use Photoshop and Flash anyway.