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    When is Bridge CC going to update with the output function? (if at all)

    Macbeth Designer

      I just purchased a home computer (imac) to work from home on certain days and the cs6 bridge output option was a vital key to my job on my work computer. Downloading all the new CC programs with the creative cloud app, I came across Bridge not even having that function at all. Looked all around and did the whole AOM output module folder thing that was on this site and it gives me a blank output page so that didn't really help. Scowered the forums and usually found the same problem amongst others. Followed all the guidelines and trouble shooting and still can't get it to work.


      It would be amazing to see an update to bridge CC that can actually update bridge to have the output function. If not, I guess I have to keep at finding ways to get CC to work with these files.