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    Multiple Response Sheets for one form




      Can anyone tell me how to create multiple response sheets for the same form?


      For example, my sales team needs to send the form out to different companies, but needs their responses sepearted to analyze.


      Please Help!

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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator


          You can only have one active Response Sheet per form, this means that while you are using the same form for different companies, the responses that everyone submits will go to this one response sheet.


          However, if you just want to add other sheets in the 'View Responses' tab, for backing up data or other purposes, you can select Insert menu/Sheet in the 'View Responses' tab


          In your case, it sounds like you need a form per company or you can use one form and have a field requesting the user to enter the company name (or you can have a drop down for the user to select a predefined list of companies) and then once you received all the responses, you can sort or filter the responses in the table based on the company name, for example. Or export your responses in Excel format, and do the analysis there.