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    best export settings for digitized 16mm film to vimeo


      I had my black and white 16mm film digitized with the following settings:


      HD frame rate of 1080psf 23.98


      HD compression with the Apple Pro Res 422 (HQ) Higher Quality


      Standard def 23.98 frame rate (HD Conform or DFS Film Out)


      4x3 aspect ratio




      I want to upload the finished product to Vimeo so I can start showing festivals my finished product. However, when I use PrPro's CS6 Vimeo settings, I can't seem to get a file that looks decent—it always looks incredibly pixelated. I've played around with higher frame rates (and higher settings on everything) but it doesn't seem to look much better. Right now I'm using H.264. Should I be using a different codec? Please help!