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    Why do notifications to clients include Form Central info?

    Mueller-Design Level 1

      I have several web clients that I am wanting to use new forms from form central. I have the basic account for now. When I setup a test site, the notification incude the Form Central link etc. I just want my clients to get the information the responders fill in only, not the Adobe part. I don't want them logging into form central, or sharing that with them or make them collaborators, They just need to see what thier potential clients submitted like name, phone, email messages etc.




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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          To be able to send email notifications to someone that person needs to have a FormsCentral account. This is because they need to be able to opt in and out from receiveing emails notifications from FormsCentral (otherwise people could get SPAM from people adding them in their notification list without their consent).


          One option could be to publish the data so that anyone with the link could see the data (no FormsCentral account needed).


          Another option might be to add a rule to your own email client to forward the notifications (/w data) you receive from FormsCentral from a particualr form to other email addresses.



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            Mueller-Design Level 1



            I don't think you understanding what I am saying here.


            I have cleints that I design web sites for. Some if not most sites have a contact form. Whether I create this form in Dreamweaver, Joomla, or Muse or any other softwware, I can setup the form to send the submitted information to the person who is expecting it, my client. I can do the same with form central by setting the notification email to my client and add them as a collaborator. But, when the receive the email it includes all the form central information and the responses below. THey just need the responses, not the Adobe signup/login for Form Central. I just need to strip part that out.

            A lot of my clients don't need more things to login too or passwords to remember. They just want to see who is trying to contact them and what they want.


            Regarding you second option: Could you explain this? Can it be automated? If my client receives 100 submittals a week would it required I sent links for each one?


            Regarding the third option: I don't know of an email client that can do this and strip out the form central information and just send the submitted data.


            Another note: I have one client that I have to design a 3 or 4 page rental agreement form, which is the main reason I'm looking to use Froms Central. They typically get a lot of responses to this form. I want to be able to send them automatically the completed form just as it looks on the site.



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              Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

              Hi Mike,


              I think I do understand what you are saying. Basically FormsCentral requires you to have a account with FormsCental to receive email notifications. Like I said this its to avoid people to received unsolliciated notifications. By having a FormsCentral account it gives people a way to unsubscribe from the email notifications. In your case you are the one turning the notification on/off for them and I'm sure these are notifications they want to receive but there are cases where someone could just flood someone else email inbox with unwanted notifications without they consent.


              Email Notifications are FormsCentral branded because the receipients do have a FormsCentral account and can log in to FormsCentral to see all the data received so far.

              Email Receipts are not FormsCentral branded because the receipients (form fillers) don't need to know about FormsCentral.


              BTW they don't really ned to remember the password or login as they don't need to log in to FormsCentral after the account is created (unless they want to see all the data or turn on/off notification).


              About the publish data option. This allows people to see all the data anytime (table format like the View Responses tab) without having to sign in. This doesn't send an email automatically to your customer to let them know when there is more data received... maybe it can be combined with a rule in your email client to send a generic email (something like "new data received, go look at the publish data for more information") eveytime you receive a FormsCentral notification.


              About the email forward option. I have not tried it myself but I know that some email clients allow you to setup rules. You could have a rule that would look at the subjets of emails as they come in your inbox and then you could just have the rule forward those email to the right person. The email would still be FormsCentral branded (it would just be a forward of the notification you receive) but they wouldn't need a FormsCentral account themselves.


              To answer you last question : It is currently a manual process to get the PDF responses (PDF form with the data of a submission included). In the View Responses Tab select a row and click on the "Save as PDF" button in the toolbar (or right click on a row and click on Download Response as PDF Form...).