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    Main menu loops infinitely when animated transitions are in place


      I am building an DVD in Encore cs6. My first play main menu has a ten second intro animation after which the loop point for the menu itself kicks in. The main menu duration is aprox a minute.

      There are two buttons on the main menu, one linking to another menu, and one linking to the main feature. Both buttons are supposed to have an animated transition before they reach their targeted destination. The transition between the main and video works fine. However, when the transition is added between the main and the second menu there is a weird complication. When that transition is in place the preview of the disk shows it infinitely looping the initial ten second animation, never actually landing on the main menu itself.


      I have tried using different menu templates, as well as transition files (including the main to video which works on the other button so I know it's functional.) What I really don't understand is how a transition that should only be linked to a button action is possibly affecting the loop point of the main menu.


      I have gone so far as to unintall encore and reinstall then build the project from scratch. Sooooo frustrated. Any thoughts you might have as to the possible problem would be helpful


      working on a mac pro OSX 10.8.4

      2x 2.26 GHz Quad core

      14GB Memory

      Adobe Encore CS6