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    DSC Labs colour charts and the vectorscope of Premiere Pro CC - please help


      Let me immediately say that I am a retired engineer who has been a photographer since 1946 and videographer since the late 1990's - but I'm messing around in unfamiliar territory so may well say/ask some silly things...


      I have a new DSC Labs "Camette v9.1" test chart and will soon take delivery of a new Atomos Samurai Blade recorder (I have a Ninja2 - and love it apart from the awful display).  The Blade will give me vectorscope, RGB Parade etc. functionality that I can use on the camera output before recording.  I have multiple cameras, which I would like to calibrate.


      The Camette test chart requires that the gain of the vectorscope be set to 2x for the patch colours to be placed in their respective "boxes" during calibration.  I can definitely confirm that PP's vectorscope shows the colours to be only around 50% of the way from the centre to their respective boxes.


      Here are my questions:

      1.  Is there a way to set the gain of PP's vectorscope to anything other than 1x or 0.75x?  I really need 2x

      2.  Do all the DSC charts require a 2x gain, or is this specific to the Camette?  The Camette is about $160 whereas the bigger charts can exceed $1000 each.  As you might expect, the colours don't look at all saturated!!!

      3.  Does anybody know if the Samurai Blade vectorscope function can be set for a gain of 2x?  I am still awaiting a response from Atomos.


      With thanks in advance,