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    ID CS6 Kindle Plugin Export Error


      I'm using InDesign 6 v 8.0.1 on a Mac Pro running OS X 10.7.5 Lion.


      After giving up on the Kindle Plugin for InDesign last year -- I couldn't install it, like others -- I finally managed to get the plugin to install today.


      I fired up one of my simplest current projects: a single document, no images, no links, two paragraph styles. Then I happily went up to the File menu, selected Export for Kindle..., was shown a Save dialog, hit Save....


      And got the following error message: Bad argument list


      Once I hit the OK button, another error message popped up:


      An attached script generated the following error:

      object does not support the property or method 'merged'


      I gather that there's a runtime error in the export script somewhere -- but the script doesn't show up in my script folders, so even if I knew what I was doing (which I wouldn't) I can't find the plugin script.


      What gives? I know it's an Amazon plugin (I'm posting on the KDP forums as well), but has anyone else here run into this problem?