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    Graded blur layer, is it possible in PE11?




      Have a look at this amazing video https://vimeo.com/9679622


      Sadly not mine. But with a very clever use of shot framing, speed and blurry layers a brilliant effect is achieved.


      Is it possible to create similar blur layers in PE11? I can get as far as making a blur later with a very sharp line, but that's not what is needed. I need a very gradual layer to hint at depth of field. The style is called Tilt Shift. Sometimes achieved with a lens, most often in post. I know After Effects does this, not sure about PE.


      This thread hints at it http://forums.adobe.com/message/3832782#3832782 but its 2 years old, and the information surely can't cost me $20.


      I can make the correct graded blur mask in Photoshop CS. Is there a procedure for importing that to PE? My trial and error didn't find it! I don't seem to be able to make a seperate layer for the mask, only apply it to an image layer.


      Hoping someone can help.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          If you can make your graded blur mask in Photoshop CS, you can use it in aTrack Matte workflow in Premiere Elements.




          Video 3. Your Graded Mask

          Video 2. Your Video to which you apply fx Effects/Keying/Track Matte. Set up for Track Matte will be found for the highlighted Video 2 content @ Applied Effects/Applied Effects Palette/Track Matte Panel expanded.

          Video 1. Duplicate of Video 2 content to which you have applied a blur to the whole.


          Another approach to explore (not sure of the gradient nature of it for your purposes) is Effects Mask to which a FastBlur or Gaussian Blur has been applied.

          See Clip Menu/Effects Mask/Apply.


          More details to follow if necessary.


          I have tried to view your video but it opening slowly to not at all.



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            Hi ATR, good to see you.


            Have another go at opening that link, it's worth it.


            It's good to know I can use a graded blur mask made in Photoshop CS, in Elements. I just have to work out how to do it.


            Maybe I'll ask over at the CS board. Unless someone here knows. I'm able to apply a graded mask to a single image, but don't seem to be able to just export the mask. I'm sure it's not as difficult as I am making it seem.


            I have been able to apply a mask direct in Elements, to a whole clip, but I think it is limited in its ability to be graded. I think gaussian is the most it can do. From what I found.


            I will be having another look at this tomorrow. Will let you know if I get any further.

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              What type of a gradient are you using in Photoshop CS....black to transparency?


              A just in case note, make sure to turn off the visibility icon for all other layers in the Layer Palette and save your gradient layer via Save As png or psd. Those formats should maintain the transparency when you import the png or psd into Premiere Elements project.


              If you need more information on using Track Matte, please let me know.


              I will a try to your link shortly. Looking forward to your results.



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                In photoshop, I've been following this little guide. http://www.webdesign.org/photoshop/photo-editing/faking-a-tilt-shift-photo.18235.html


                So the mask hasn't been a seperate layer. When I try to do the mask on a seperate layer the effect doesn't apply. But I need to have a closer look at what I'm doing to see why. Do you know of a quick tutorial for having a mask on a seperate layer?


                I have been able to import my psd, and stretch it to fill the clip on a seperate track but until its the 'correct' psd, etc.


                I know I'm close.......



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                  For your consideration...


                  If you want to create a gradient matte for use in Premiere Elements 11 1920 x 1080 workflow


                  a. In Photoshop


                  File/New/ and in New dialog, set width for 1920 and height 1080 pixels, resolution 72 pixels per inch, Background Content = Transparent.

                  With the Gradient Tool/Foreground to Transparent, draw your gradient. (In this scenario, Color Picker has Foreground = Black and Background = White). Save that file as a .png either File Menu/Save As png (or psd) or File Menu/Save for Web/ png-24 with check mark next to Transparency.


                  b. Then, in Premiere Elements 1920 x 1080 project


                  Add Media/Files and Folders/Project Assets for your video and Photoshop created gradient matte....drag to Timeline accordingly


                  Video 3. Gradient Matte

                  Video 2. Video

                  Video 1. Copy of Video 2 Video.


                  Apply Track Matte to Video 2 content via fx Effects/keying/Track Matte. Then adjust the Track Matte Panel for the highlighted Video 2 video. For that see Applied Effects/Applied Effects Palette/Track Matte Panel expanded. In this example, set Matte to 3. Adjust the rest accordingly. As you will see you can reverse the matte if necessary.


                  Video 1 Copy is where you apply the gaussian blur or fastblur (See fx Effects/Blur Sharpen/....)





                  Now if you are looking for something quick which might give you want you seek...check out the Premiere Elements 11 Effects Mask.


                  1. Video 1. Video

                  2. Clip Menu/Effects Mask/Apply. That puts a bounding box (Effects Mask on your video). You can position/resize this bounding box. When you get it to where you want the blur, the go to fx Effects/Blur Sharpen, select your blur, and drag from its thumbnail there into the monitor or into the clip on video 1.

                  3. Note that the Effects Masks presents with two grouped layers. Click on the highlight of the group and go to Applied Effects/Applied Effects Palette/...blur panel expanded and adjust the blur if needed.

                  4. The following is a blog post of mine that might help with the Effects Mask factors.


                  Lots of variations.


                  Please review and let us know if we have target what you seek.





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                    Brilliant. The Photoshop route did it. I was missing out on the Foreground to Transparant step.


                    I found the options limited with Effects Mask in PE.


                    Many thanks ATR.

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                      Great great news.


                      Glad we could help.


                      Thanks for the follow up.