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    Several problems rendering


      You may have seen this post of mine: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1254005


      Unfortunately, this isn't the only problem I've had and its starting to severely slow down my workflow when trying to export from premiere.


      Maybe these could be solved if I could get the "Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration" to work? I'm thinking maybe the computer doesn't have enough ram or something to do it all on software only.


      When trying to export longer mp4s(by longer I mean more than 10 minutes or so), both AME and Premiere freeze, unable to get past a certain point. This requires me to export projects out in 2-3 different pieces, stitch them together in premiere and export it all again. One time, instead of freezing, the clips would have random segments where random frames would turn to different shades of green and magenta, skipping between the different layers of the timeline. and sometimes frames of black.


      I had no problem with the kind of work I do on CS6 on a macbook mini but ever since we "upgraded" to a new imac with CC everything is a guessing game.


      I'd appreciate any help anyone may have.