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    Project Error: Open project was canceled or RoboHelp was unable to load database


      I checked an HTMLHelp project out of SourceOff Site (SOS), then attempted to open it locally with RoboHelp 5 when I got the error message: "Open project was cancelled or RoboHelp was unable to load database."

      I found the TechNote for this error message (rb_3245) which said to delete the .xpj and .cpd files, then right-click the HHP file and click Edit to open the project. This worked fine for opening the project, however the Primary Layout Source defaulted to WebHelp. I reset the Primary Layout Source to HTMLHelp which caused all of the graphics in the project to not display. I fixed this issue, compiled the Help, and all appeared to be fixed. I checked the project back into SOS to back it up. This morning, I checked it out of SOS and tried to open the project locally again, only to get the same error. I closed the project, undid the check-out, and asked another writer to check-out the project then open it locally to see if he got the same error. He did not get the error.

      I am not sure what could be wrong on my computer that is causing this error. I had no problems opening and using this project until yesterday and I made no file name or path changes to the project. Any ideas on what may be wrong?