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    Exports From Audition CC Give "Header Error" in Premiere Pro CS6




      I have finished the audio mixing on a 15 track project in Audition CC. It is very heavy so I had to export all the tracks separately to import them back into the Premiere Pro CS6 movie project. That way I could also do further adjustments in individual tracks later on directly on Premiere, if needed (since mixing isn´t something we´re ever done with).


      I´ve exported them all in wav 9600 Hz 32 bit (Audition doesn´t say whether it´s floating point or not) and also wav 9600 Hz 24 bit. The originals on all the tracks were eitther wav 9600 Hz 24 bit, or wav 9600 Hz 32 bit (converted from 24 bit to aplly declipping and normalization), except 2 tracks with music that had mp3, wav and m4a.


      When importing the exported Audition files back into Premiere all of the 15 tracks, including the ones that didn´t have mp3 and m4a in it, give me the message "The file cannot be opened because of a header error".



      1. What could be wrong?

      2. In case there isn´t a solution, what would be the best lossless formats to try and do the exports for importing into Premiere?


      Thanks a lot.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Despite the error showing up in PP, this may be better asked in the Audition forum, since that is what's creating the files that are problematic.

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            W.D.E. Level 1

            I see...


            Trouble is I´ve never had an answer for my posts in the Audition forum (I did originally post this here because I thought it´s more of a Premiere issue, though). I guess Audition just isn´t nearly as widely used as Premiere.


            Also, I have done the same kind of exports for smaller tracks from Audition before and didn´t have an issue importing them into Premiere.


            I find it really troubling that Adobe intends to make Audition a reliable pro audio suite integrated with Premiere and, on top of some weird issues like this one (and such as the 16 bit limit for sending a project from Premiere to Audition, making that integration probably useless for most pro uses), there´s so little support.


            But thanks a lot, anyways!