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    Destination of PDF Links from InDesign Auto TOC


      I use the auto TOC feature in InDesign to generate a TOC from styles in a book. When I create a PDF of the book, the TOC is linked (sweet!). I'm wondering if there's any way to get more control over the destination of the TOC links. The link destinations seem to depend on the way the page is aligned when I click the links in the TOC. For example, if i scroll about half way down a page in the TOC and click a link, it takes me about half way down the destination page. If I scroll to the bottom of the TOC and click a link, it takes me to the bottom of the destination page. It'd be nice if the links in the TOC just took me to that specific heading in the document, or even just the top of the page.


      Sorry if I'm in the wrong spot. Wasn't sure if this belonged in the InDesign or Acrobat section of the forums.