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    program error message


      Im getting 'unable to use shape tool due to a program error' message??

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You will have to provide much more information. What exactly are you trying to do? What system? What version of PS? What else...?



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            mareemccarthy123 Level 1

            Sorry - I have been using photoshop cs6 for a year now with no problems on my Mac OSX version 10.7.5 with 8GB memory.  A couple of months ago I had the problem suddenly when using certain tools - particularly all the shape tools.  Just getting the message Program error and it wouldn't work.  It then suddenly corrected and I have no idea why.  Now again it has suddenly done it again.  Also, yesterday I tried to see a street view in Google Earth and got the message I needed to update Flash and I did.  I wonder if I downloaded a problem because it seemed to be after that that I could not use the shape tool.  Also, I still cant see some videos and google earth street view.  Hmmm..

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              Hi Mylenium,

              I am getting a similar issue, here is the Errors in the PSErrorLog.

              I have creative cloud membership for photoshop CC and am on a MAC Book Pro with Lion installed.


              2013:08:04 23:25:37 : /Volumes/workarea/PS_14_Mac_Daily_Retail/20130423.r.221/photoshop/main/photoshop/xcode/.. /sources/USheet.cpp : 458 : REQUIRE failed

              2013:08:04 23:26:47 : /Volumes/workarea/PS_14_Mac_Daily_Retail/20130423.r.221/photoshop/main/photoshop/xcode/.. /sources/UActionsCore.cpp : 5249 : REQUIRE failed

              2013:08:04 23:28:24 : /Volumes/workarea/PS_14_Mac_Daily_Retail/20130423.r.221/photoshop/main/photoshop/xcode/.. /sources/UActionsCore.cpp : 5249 : REQUIRE failed

              2013:08:04 23:29:04 : /Volumes/workarea/PS_14_Mac_Daily_Retail/20130423.r.221/photoshop/main/photoshop/xcode/.. /sources/USheet.cpp : 458 : REQUIRE failed

              2013:08:04 23:33:18 : /Volumes/workarea/PS_14_Mac_Daily_Retail/20130423.r.221/photoshop/main/photoshop/xcode/.. /sources/USheet.cpp : 458 : REQUIRE failed