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    Images in project

      Hello All.
      I am glad that RoboHelp 7 is just about here. But anyway.
      I have RoboHelp 5 and generate WebHelp.
      I have a project that contains hundreds of images.
      All but 3 are being created into the WebHelp folders.

      Any idea why just these three are being left out?
      I have added images since, in the same manner, and they display in the output.

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          HKabaker Level 2
          Try importing a copy of each "missing" image from a directory OUTside the project directory. (Please forgive the shouting.)

          RH may tell you the image is already in the project, do you want to overwrite it? Say Yes.

          Two other possibilities:
          Do the file names have any nonstandard characters? Underscore and hyphen are OK, but not spaces or symbols.

          What extension -- .gif, .jpg, etc. -- is at the end of the filenames? I have seen erratic results for .bmp and .png files. I think a .png must be flattened to one layer; there's some discussion of this on the forum.