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    About DPI setting in flex mobile development


      Recently I was developing a game for android and iOS,and having a problem on DPI setting.


      I set my applicationDPI=160 and run my game on the emulator (320*480 screen size),it looks fine. Then I installed it on my defy(480*854 screen size) ,it also looks good. But when I run it on samsung galaxy s4,which has a very large screen (1920*1080),all of my UI components has became sooo small .


      The official documant says about scaling factor when the applicationDPI is set and run on a device with different DPI(runtimeDPI). So I was thinking if I run my game on a device whos runtimeDPI is exactly 320,it may look fine.But HOW SHOULD I  DEAL WITH EVEN LARGER DPI or LARGER SCREENS?


      in other words,if there's a way to make my game running on all size of screen with just one simple setting ?