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    Saving changes to images opened as smart objects?

    mastroalex Level 1

      I'm used to open my photos as smart objects. So I open them in Camera Raw, edit and open in Photoshop CS6 as smart objects.

      My issue is:

      In CS6 when I double click the photo and open it again in Camera Raw, I can't find a way to save the edits. I mean, if I close the photo in CS6 and open it again, Camera Raw keeps only the edits I made the very first time I opened the photo.

      I home I made myself clear.

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          This may or may not be the way it's supposed to work—in all honesty, I personally don't open raw images as Smart Objects myself—, but it can be a workaround:


          When you edit a Smart Object, you are not editing the original raw file, only the copy of that raw file that is embedded in the file in the form of a Smart Object.  The Smart Object is not linked to the original raw file at all.


          Try performing the new edits on the original raw file, and then replacing the first smart obect with a brand new one created from the original raw file with your new edits.