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    Premiere Pro (CS6) - Windows 8 - [..\...Src\Win\Winfile.cpp-814] error




      Im currently having some issues with Premiero Pro (via creative suite 6) on a Windows 8 64 bit machine after reinstalling due to an error resulting in the encoding sequence crashing/hanging and remaining on 0% indefinitly



      Video and audio were both taken via the same machine and are both in .MP4 format. The project will render correctly however will not export


      Upon selection of export with match sequence settings enabled I receive the error box saying:


      Premiere Pro Debug Event

      Premiere Pro has encountered an error.



      Upon closing the error the screen returns back to the work space. with an error box saying:Error compiling movie - unknown error. After this it again shows the infinite encoding screen.


      I have tried uninstalling the programme and running any updates etc however I am unable to get it to work.


      Would really appreciate an answer to this.Uninstalling and reinstalling is in itself a pain.


      Many thanks