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    Dreamweaver CS6 trial won't start-up in WinXP Pro...




      I know this is a Dreamweaver (DW) CC forum, but I couldn't find an an active header for CS6.  Hopefully someone has run into this before an can help me out...


      I'm trying to install the DW CS6 trial on a Windows XP PROFESSIONAL computer.  DW CC isn't compatible with XP, so I have to stick with CS6 for now.  I have other XP software I use to build my website, and I want to keep them all on one comptuer, so I need to have CS6 work with my XP Pro.  But for some reason, I can't get the trial to start-up after the initial installation.  It installs fine (no errors at all), but after I hit the initial launch button after the install, or try to start it up afterwards by clicking the Icon, it just won't start.


      I've also found that this issue seems to be confined to XP Professional.  I've tried installing it on several other old computer just to see if the issue is related to the specific computer I'm trying to use, but after installing on several computers (2 XP Home, and 2 XP Pro), the program would startup fine on the XP Home pc's but not on either of the XP Pro computers.  So it seems there is some issue directly related to XP Pro.


      Does anyone have any suggests?


      After doing some research, I've found some information that it may be a priviledges issue, so I tried running the install directly as administrator (using: Right Click > "Run As.."), and also by setting up a new user account, but neither helped.  When I click the DW icon, the cursor flashes for a few seconds, then nothing.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This sounds like a UAC thing.  The first time you launch the app, you need admin level rights so DW can create the files & folders for your preferences, workspace, etc....  Right click the shortcut icon and select Run as Administrator.



          Nancy O.

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            chugbug5 Level 1

            HI Nancy,


            Thanks for taking the time to respond and for your suggestion.  I agree with you.  I too think it may be some kind of a UAC issue.  I had already tried your suggestion, but unfortunately, that didn't help either.  I tried several ways that would have been UAC related, but nothing gets the program started...


            1. As you suggested, I tried the "Run as Administrator", but that didn't work. 


            2. I tried setting up a brand new Admin account, as was suggested in some of Adobe's support files I found, but that didn't work either (unless I should have re-installed the program again under that new account-- I just tried to start it from the already installed program).


            3. I also tried booting into Safe Mode hoping I could get it to run from there, but that didn't work either.  I had a glimmer of hope for a second when the cursor flashed for a second time, but after that their was nothing.


            4. I even tried all of the above options on my sons old XP Pro computer to see if the issue was specific to my XP Pro computer, but I didn't have any better success with that computer either.  Both were completely different setups (one a desktop, and one a notebook).  You would think it would have work on one of them.  So I think whatever the problem is that is blocking it from starting up, I just haven't found it yet.


            Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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              Hello Nancy


                  Check this step, It probably will work

                  1) Go to Start > Computer.

                        Rename Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS6 \Configuration to Configuration Old.

                        Start Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver creates a new Configuration folder.

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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                That answer won't help this particular problem. The OP's configuration file has never been created because the program cannot be launched.



                I wonder if your anti-virus or firewall is preventing DW from running.

                As a test, you might try disabling them.



                Nancy O.

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                  Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                  First, can you confirm that your XP installation is SP2 or later (SP3 is recommended).


                  Then can you try running the clean tool to re-install to make sure there is not an error with the installation.



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                    chugbug5 Level 1

                    Hello all, thanks for the suggestions...


                    Tejodhar_A - as you said in your correction, my problem is that the program isn't creating the rest of the (configuration) files, so they are not there yet.


                    SnakeEyez02 - Yes, I have Service Pack 3.  As for my AV program, I'm running MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials).  I don't usually have any issues with it block any installation files, but it's worth trying with it disabled.  At this point I'm game for any suggestions no matter how trivial they may sound.


                    I've also been searching (the 'net) looking for and reading any articles I could find relating to application controls in XP Pro, but I haven't found anything that seems to apply or would suggest a resolution, so I'm still open for suggestions.  If I get it to work, I'll come back that I did, otherwise, I'm still looking for a solution.


                    Just to clarify again, my OS version is: XP Professional Version 2002 w/SP3.

                    User Accounts: I only have the single account that is set as Administrator (plus the default GUEST).


                    One thing I did notice though... when I looked in the "User Accounts" panel (Control Panel > User Accounts), it shows I have the two accounts ([username]/Administrator and Guest), but when I look in the 'User Profiles' tab (System > Advanced > User Profiles), there are THREE profiles listed.


                    There are the two default user/admin accounts (which are always listed separately here), but there is also a THIRD account listed called 'UpdatusUser' that looks like it was created about four months ago (and is showing the same modified date as the Admin account).  However I doubt this is what is causing DW not to start, because the other XP Pro computer that I tried to install it on doesn't have that user profile, yet it still didn't work on that one.


                    Thanks again for the help.  Any other suggestions, no matter how trivial, would be appreciated.