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    Projector for MAC & PC

      I work on PC, and have just created a Projector file, the client has now asked me to make it work on both pc and mac, does anyone know how the heck to do this, as i have only ever created files and movies for PC??

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          If you are working with Director MX 2004 then just change your publish
          settings to have Director create a Mac projector. Be sure to read all of
          the online help items about creating a projector for the other platform.
          There may be special steps that you'll need to take to insure that your
          xtras are properly managed.

          If you are working with a version before MX 2004, then you'll need to
          find a Mac and a Mac copy of Director to make that projector.

          In either case, be sure that you test your Mac version.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert