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    Hydra in Flash...

      I am reading through the Hydra 1.0 Language refrence and it says:


      [ Flow control statements are not available when Hydra is used inside Flash ]

      Is this true or a misprint? If so can anyone tell me why ? I feel that this will severly cut down the usefulness of Hydra within Flash.

      -Matthew Lloyd
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          Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
          In order to make sure that Hydra is supported on the graphics cards of as many machines as possible for Flash users, we had to make some trade-offs in the language based on what is supported in previous generations of hardware. So, conditional branching is out. However, conditional assignment is not. What that means is that you can achieve a lot of the same things, but it will require some additional execution in the filter. You can also unroll loops to a reasonable amount. We are working on taking care of doing some of this automatically for you in the compiler, but the current release doesn't support that yet.
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            Deviant1853 Level 1
            Okay, well I was going to recommend exactly that. Hiding the processes needed and translating through the compiler. I look forward to seeing subsequent versions of the compiler.

            Thanks for your quick response

            -Matthew Lloyd