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    Transizioni ed effetti


      Non riesco più a trascinare e applicare transizioni e/o effettti nè ai frame in formato mpeg nè ai frames originali in vmw. Cosa succede?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          allora wrote in Italian

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          I can no longer drag and apply transitions and / or effettti either to the frame in mpeg format either to the original frames in vmw. What's going on?

          My Reply In Italian

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          Quale versione di Premiere Elements stai usando e su quale sistema operativo del computer sia esso in esecuzione?

          Lei parla. Wmv nel vostro lavoro. Sei stato colpito dal problema attuale del display 1/2 wmv connesso ad un recente Windows Update kb? Consultare il relativo Annuncio nella parte superiore di questo forum, che fornisce i dettagli per questo.

          Quando si applicano le transizioni, stai lavorando con clip tagliate o non tagliato? Quali effetti specifici stanno causando i problemi? Tutti o solo alcuni? Si prega di dettaglio.

          Quali sono le proprietà dei supporti di origine? E, quale progetto preimpostato sei o l'impostazione del programma per abbinare le proprietà dei supporti di origine? Si prega di dare più dettagli del vostro contenuto timeline così come il livello delle risorse del computer quando si verifica il problema. Succede a nuovo così come i progetti esistenti?

          È questo un problema relativo alla "ha funzionato prima, ma non ora"? Ho capito bene che hai il problema applicando transizione o effetto a mpg e wmv clip timeline? È il driver della scheda video fino ad oggi?

          Un sacco di domande. Sperando di mettere insieme le risposte per risolvere il vostro problema.




          English Version Of My Reply


          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          You mention .wmv in your work. Have you been affected by the current problem of the 1/2 wmv display related to a recent Windows Update kb? Please see the Announcement at the top of this forum which gives the details for that.


          When you apply your transitions, are you working with trimmed or untrimmed clips? What specific effects are causing the problems? All or just some? Please detail.


          What are the properties of your source media? And, what project preset are you or the program setting to match the properties of your source media? Please give more details of your Timeline content as well as the level of your computer resources when the problem occurs. Does it happen in new as well as existing projects?


          Is this a problem related to "it worked before but not now"? Do I understand correctly that you have the problem applying transition or effect to mpg and wmv Timeline clips? Is your video card driver up to date?


          Lots of questions. Hoping to put the answers together to resolve your issue.


          Thank you.



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            allora Level 1

            Good morning, I try to get your questoins:

            I was working with windowsmedia video files (WMV) . In time line I see right frames. When I open my project another one my frames aren’t right ‘cause I can watch it only in lower half, because upper one is black and I cannot work on frames (Icannot aplly nothing)

            I tried to make a video production for my pc but I can always watch only half frame. My PC’s windows 7, using Adobe Premier Elements 11 and 12 GBRAM processor i7.

            Write me soon

            Alessandro Lora

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I think that the following applies to you. Please read the Announcement at the topic of this forum.

              Then delete the Windows Update kb file that is causing this problem of the 1/2 wmv display.


              For your convenience, here is a copy of the Announcement

              Announcement: Windows Update Causes Half of Display to Be Blacked Out

              MicroSoft has issued an Update for Windows, that is causing problems with Displays. The following is from Talbot McInnis, who tracked down this problem, and offers a fix:


              "MS bulliten MS13-057.  Specifically, on XP kb2834904 and on windows 7 kb2803821 is causing a problem


              For us, it occurs when decoding WMV9 files.  Not all uses of WMV decoding are affected, but I confirmed that when connecting the WMV decode DLL to a sample grabber for RGB32 video, the frames arrive black on top, so that points directly to decoding internals of the WMV Decode dll.


              You can uninstall these windows updates to resolve your problem."


              There are several threads on the problem that this Update is causing on the PrE and PrPro Forums, so one can get more details. So far, there is not another fix from either MS, or Adobe.


              Also, see this Adobe KB Article: http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/kb/wmv-files-corrupted-import-or.h tml

                by Bill Hunt (Aug 2, 2013)


              There have been many, many threads here on this matter in the past weeks. Key thoughts

              a. For now, set up Windows Updates so that it requires notification and your approval before any downloading and installing of the Windows Updates.

              b. If you catch the offending Windows Update kb file in Important Updates, then right click it and select Hide. That is supposed to keep it gone.


              Please see if this solves your issue which seems to fit Announcement description.


              Thank you.



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                allora Level 1

                I understood, my problem comes out after windows’s update. I think it would be better if you’d  correct this mistake because it’s the program get on windows system and not  opposite.

                Thanks for your fast service.

                Best regards

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thank you for the reply.


                  Please let us know how else we might help.


                  Do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions on your Premiere Elements workflow.



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                    Il mio sistema è Windows 10, il software è adobe premiere elements 14.

                    Mi succede una cosa strana, non riesco ad applicare nella timeline le transizioni di dissolvenza . Mentre le altre vengono applicate normalmente.

                    Nella timeline ho clip in mp4 . è forse per questo?. devo lavorare solo in AVI?

                    Grazie della risposta.