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    (CS6) GREP applies Character Style to all characters up to 1st forced line break

    Chris Panny Level 1

      ahoy InDesigners,


      I have to put together a list of company names, addresses, phone numbers and a company description. I wanted to put each on their own line and have a forced line break after the first 3 lines and hard return after 4th line. With Hidden Characters turned on, it would look something like this:


      company name ¬

      company address ¬

      phone number ¬

      company description ¶


      In my paragraph style, I want GREP to apply a character style to all characters up to the first forced line break. The company names will vary in length so GREP would need to be able to distinguish everything up to the first line break from everything after this break.

      Does anyone know how to do this?


      (If anyone is wondering why I'm doing it this way, it's to avoid having to create a separate paragraph style for the company name and I also want to get better using GREP.)