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    Does eraser tool work on text characters?

    ceilr Level 1

      In Wingdings 2, I need 11 in a circle. (10 is under the r key.  The s key is a white zero in a black circle.)


      Unless someone knows what key combination might yield a circled 11 is, I thought I would try to erase the circle, then erase the zero in "10", and finally drop the remaining "1" in that I isolate.  But I can't figure out how the Eraser Tool (that looks like a pencil) works, even on objects I draw.  Before anyone looks further, I wonder if the eraser tool works on text?  I was able to erase objects in Illustrator, but not part of a character.


      This site was "unavailable" last night, even from my iPad, and frankly, I find it scary to access anything from F1 in the document I'm working on because it means being sent to the site, which hasn't worked for me.  I'm happy to receive links to how-tos; I just don't understand how to get them from F1.  I've had enough bad experiences that I'm freaked about going that route.  (Sorry, I wish the instructions still lived within the user's computer.)


      I am using InDesign 5 on a PC, fwiw.


      Thanks in advance for anyone's help.