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    [/sirreact64/releases/2013.03/shared/adobe/MediaCore/ASL/Foundation/Make/Mac/../../Src/Dir ectoryRegi

    JustinColorado Production Level 1

      I just installed Premiere Pro CC from the cloud, just signed up tonight. Now I can't get Premiere to open because of this error...


      Premiere Pro has encountered an error.
      [/sirreact64/releases/2013.03/shared/adobe/MediaCore/ASL/Foundation/Make/Mac/../../Src/Dir ectoryRegistry.cpp-283]


      I've read the other posts about this and some have said to hold Shift + Option on launch. That doesn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled, no luck. I restarted the computer and yet... no luck. This is the first time trying to ever use Premiere. Was planning to go from Final Cut 7 to Premiere... and I can't even see what the interface looks like.