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    Flashplayer and Ethernet controller?

    Barbarella Cooke

      Whe running iplayer I keep having to refresh the page until when flashplayer plugin stops working altogether.  My p.c updates adobe flashplayer automatically.

      I have found a problem with a driver as follows


      Ethernet Controller

      Location: PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0

      The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

      Any idea whether the above is causing flashplayer to stop?

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          pwillener Level 8

          If you are unable to access your network and the Internet, then Flash Player may not function correctly.


          Or do you access your network through another network adapter?

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            Barbarella Cooke Level 1

            Dear Pat

            Thank you for your kind reply.

            I cannot say I understand your suggestions as I am not very familiar with it terminology.  I usually use google chrome when I am on line and from there I access all my favourite sites, one of which is iplayer.  The problem (long, repeated buffering and carshing) has arisen some time ago but it has not always been so.

            I have tried to access iplayer from internet explorer and the buffering is equally long but have not experience crushing yet.

            I would so appreciate your further help.

            best regards


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              Mike M Level 6

              What Pat is saying is:

              Unless you've downloaded a Flash video, you need to be online to view Flash content. If you can't get online, you can't view it and Flash Player isn't working. Aside from that relationship, the error you're seeing has nothing to do with Flash Player and it wasn't caused by Flash Player. Flash Player is a "plugin" for your browser. It's a file that lets you see content online. It doesn't install or remove drivers for hardware on your computer - your Ethernet Controller is hardware - hardware that connects you to your cable Internet service.
              The error message states that the drivers for this device are not installed. That means the software to operate the Ethernet Controller, has been removed, or uninstalled. It needs to be reinstalled.


              Knowing what version of Windows you use will be a great help in further troubleshooting this, but you will most likely need to download the correst driver(s) on a machine that has internet access, and then copy them to the one with the bad driver error using a USB thumb drive and then install them so the controller will operate again.

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                Barbarella Cooke Level 1

                (1) I can get on line. the problem (buffering and later crushing) presents itself after a few minutes of playing video/programs on line.  I do not download from websites before playing/watching. 

                My window version is  Windows Vista Home Premium .  What do you suggest I do re Flash Player? I thought that my p/c updated it automatically once originally installed. 


                (2) Re Ethernet controller. I have tried fixing the error by going into control panel/system and maintenance but the p/c is unable to find this drive.  The name of the manufacturer is not stated, only those codes as I copied and pasted below. Any suggestions?


                thanks again


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                  Mike M Level 6

                  Re: (1)The ONLY Windows OS that updates Flash Player automatically is Windows 8, because they embedded it in Internet Explorer 10. Flash Player for all other Windows versions is updated through the Adobe updater.


                  Re(2) If you can get online then you MUST have two network controllers. That means this one is unnecessary and you can "remove" it from your hardware inventory.


                  Click Start and go to Computer. Right Click and select "Properties'. When the window opens, click "Device Manager" on the left sidebar. You'll see Network adapters (probably with a "warning" symbol next to it)

                  Click the plus to see the installed controllers. Right click the one with the warning symbol and choose "Uninstall". This will take the unused controller out of your hardware inventory as far as Windows is concerned.


                  Reinstalling Shockwave AND Flash Player (in that order) has resolved frequent "crashes" on YouTube for me with Windows 7.


                  I recommend running the Flash Player uninstaller, download the Shockwave FULL installer  and the Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer) or the Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers), and then install them, Shockwave first and then Flash Player.