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    is possible compiling of swf with parameters?

      i have flash project - .fla file, with import of .as file. im using few built in values in this project, but i need to compile .swf more than one time with different params. is possible to create some batch script, which could change value in one variable and store compiled .swf to specified directory?.. or i have to change and compile that for each clip i need? :( ?
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          DazFaz Level 1

          You might want to take a look at "commands". This is quiet useful functionality that enables repetitive actions to be replayed again and again. The marco for Flash I guess.

          You can create your own by window->Other panels->History of Ctrl+F10 then save these actions in a library. Or you can download commands from Commands->get more commands. Some are free but I’m afraid some you have to pay for.

          Anyway I hope this has helped in some way.
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            wdol Level 1
            ive found commands :) it looks fine, but i cant touch anything in flash when im editing .as file :s there is no history.. (i was working with java few years ago so my apps are much like application than mess of objects on animation board)..

            i though, there could be something like..
            i would write into .as file something like this:

            var foo:Number = {fooParam};

            and before compiling, i would set fooParam = 1;.. and i had some batch of this and could make .swf easy..
            param: foorParam = 1;
            path: foo1/movie.swf

            param: fooParam = 2;
            path: foo2/movie.swf

            :s ?
            only way, i could make it with my knowledge now is create some application which would edit .ad file and replace { .. } with real values and then pass to some flash compiler :s huh.. but it is little bit lol method, isn't it?.. and also i dont know, if flash could compile .fla by calling some command .. is this possible?