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    Icons and exporting


      I've created 5 new icons within one artboard. How do I make them individual files?

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          Ed Sullivan Adobe Employee

          Hello mirandamgi2013,


          In Illustrator CC you can go to File >> Save As, then name your file and hit the Save button.  That should bring up a dialog box that presents some additional save options, one of which will be "Save each artboard to a separate file."


          I'm sure you can do this in previous versions of Illustrator as well, but since I have Illustrator CC installed, I can't confirm the exact workflow, but I assume the process is very similar.


          Thank you,


          Ed Sullivan



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            Ed Sullivan Adobe Employee

            Sorry, also...implied in my initial response is that first you would have to move each icon to it's own separate artboard prior to doing the steps I outlined above.  That can be done by simply adding some additional artboards and moving one icon per artboard, so that each icon was on a separate artboard.