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    Installing the program in 2 different devices



      My name is Farbod Azima and Im a student of NYFA.

      I love Photoshop and all of Adobe's creative programs! They are all amazing!


      I plan to purchase the Creative Suite after I am done with the Creative Cloud program which I have to pay monthly for.


      My question is simple:

      Once I purchase the Creative Suite, which includes Photoshop that I like using, Will I be able to install it on my primary PC desktop And my Windows8 Surface PRO Tablet?


      I would really like to have all my Adobe programes installed in both devices so I can work on stuff on-the-go when im not around my PC desktop by using my Windows8 Tablet. 


      Will I be able to do this?

      I can understand if I cannot use both devices at the same time, which I dont plan to anyways since I'll only be using my Windows8 Tablet when im away from my Desktop. 


      But I would HATE to have to buy the Creative Suite TWICE just to be able to use it on 2 Different Devices!