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    AE CS6 Cache error upon opening




      I am running W8 with i5 3350 and a GTX 640 and 20GB of 1600 Mhz RAM (all at default settings).  I am using AE CS6


      I am using a dedicated 256 SSD for my cache drive------i.e. the ONLY thing on that drive is the AE cache information.  I have allotted different sizes in the cache preferences, from 140- 220GB (The drive has 240GB free space when formatted). 


      The problem is, that no mater what the size of the cache that I try, if there is less free space on the drive than what the specified cache size is I will get the error


      "your disk cache folder is  on a drive that does not have enough available space"

      when opening After Effects.


      For example-




            ( 240GB formatted capacity)


           160GB of cache specified in preferences + 100GB of information currently cached on drive = 260GB = The error message upon opening after      effects


           160GB of cache specified in preferences + 60GB of information currently cached on drive = 220GB = No error message





      I do NOT get the error if I make the cache small enough, or delete the cache before opening AE, but that completely destroys the purpose of the cache in the first place.


      With that, I have two questions:


      1. Is there a fix for this that tells AE to cool its jets a little and recognize that the information on the SSD that is taking up space and making not enough space available is AE's own cache information?


      2. If the answer to (1) is no, then is this an error I can just ignore without any major issues?




      Right now it seems that this means that I can only make my cache<50% of the total formatted capacity of the drive, which seems a bit over zealous.


      Also, I have seen this topic come up before on this forum,




      but have insofar failed to find any solution.  I hope it's out there somewhere! 





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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You didn't look hard enough for an answer. A quick check of the help files searching for Disk Cache turns up this:


          The Maximum Disk Cache Size setting specifies the number of gigabytes of hard disk space to use. In After Effects CS6, the default disk cache size is set to 10% of the volume's total size, up to 100 GB. In After Effects CS5.5, this amount is 20 GB, by default. Because of this, many more frames are eligible for disk caching than in previous versions.


          In After Effects CS5.5, the application checks to make sure that you have 10 GB free above what is set in Preferences > Media & Disk Cache. After Effects warns you if there is not enough room for the disk cache

          100 GB should be plenty for AE even if you ware working on many projects at the same time. Also, make sure you understand what the disk cache does. You may be making incorrect assumptions.

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            Nathan2688 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Rick-


            While it is true that I don't necessarily need over 100GB in cache, that in itself is not the issue.  I want this error to not popup every time I open AE, or to be safe in the knowledge that this error can be safely ignored in my particular instance.


            The default cache values don't really affect my situation as I am using a dedicated drive for caching.


            I also have much more than 10GB free above what is set in my preferences.  In all cases I have at least 40GB free above the specified amount.


            What I would really like to know is if it is an inherent fact that when using a dedicated cache drive you can't set the AE cache value above 50% of the drive's capacity without getting this error when the drive begins to fill up?