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    Closed captions with Premiere CC


      I have made a videopresentation in my home language - and wanted english subtitles. I therefore was glad to see that this is possible in the new Premiere CC-edition using the "Closed caption" feature. But I run into some interesting things on the way. Suddenly in a caption with three lines text, one line was white.  The  others were cyan - as chosen for all. I struggled with having them all cyan as the preview showed. The solutions was that I had to cut all three lines  out from the box they were written in. Saved the project and closed it. Open the project again - and pasted the lines back. The same thing happend with a caption where I wanted to change both lines from white to cyan. It also happened that the last caption did not finished as scheduled at all - before the end. The solutions was then to make another final closed caption - with no content at all. It it understandable that this feature is commited to standards, but I found the text-options very restrict. They final movie with the embedded captions worked very well in Quick Time. Tried the movie in another players that was suppose to accept embedded captions - with no luck. Does anyone else have any experience in the use of this feature, I will be glad to hear about it...   

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          When you're applying the font color, what do you have selected? Is the text edit control for the caption block selected? If so, do you have a block of text selected?


          The expected behavior is as follows:

          • if a row in the Captions panel is selected without the text edit control being active, then changes to formatting, alignment, position, etc. should apply to the whole caption block
          • if the edit control is active, then behavior will depend on what's selected as well as which property you're editing. Font color should apply to the selected characters; if nothing is selected, then the font color should apply to the whole word at the cursor.


          If you're experience does not conform to the expected behavior, please spell out your exact workflow and results. It would also help to post a project complete. If you are working with imported captions, then please either include the source file as well or simulate the situation with a synthetic caption source created within Premiere (File>New>Closed Captions...)


          Regarding captions in embedded output movies, what other player are you trying that is not showing the captions? Have you enabled caption display in those players? If so, please post a short sample movie for us to test with.

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            janhris Level 1

            Hi Mark, thanks for the feedback. I am on a vacation and will follow up your answer asap I am back in office.

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              Is it possible to change the font that Premiere uses for the closed caption text? I am working on three videos for Target.com distribution and client feels like the words are spaced out to far with the default font and spacing between letters in Premiere. 


              Your guidance is greatly appreciated,



              I love CC everything...a wonderful collaborative platform.