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    What's wrong with the photos in EPUB?


      →中文:epub格式文件在ADE里打开,阅读时图片是无法选中的对吧。但是我发现图片的缩放比例是不能调的!然后我就杯具了,图片只显示一半,因为窗口太小了,我现在一点办法都没有,鼠标滚轮是用来 翻页的,软件也没有首选项什么的。我觉得ADE的界面挺不错的,其他软件比不上,也不想切到手机上看。哪位有经验的帮我一下呗


      →English:Ahh...The photos in EPUB showed in ADE is terrible.(My English is more terrib.)How can I set the size of the photos?Now the fact is that I can only catch the half of the photo in the file for the height of the screen of my laptop is only 19.5cm and the height of the ADE interface cannot be set larger!Where is the "Opition" button of ADE!Make the photo tiny,please.


      PS:ADE 2.0