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    Why hasn't the tutorial been updated to reflect 4.7's lack of a Design View?

    filmographie Level 1

      This series uses version 4.5 which is no longer available. It frequently mentions the DESIGN VIEW and how easy it is to use, yet there is NO design view (nor is there a Components tab on the lower left box) in current version 4.7. Not only that, but the code used in several of the first day examples is not valid in Flash Builder 4.7 / Flash Player 11 and the browser refuses to show those examples (btw: most of the examples  still work in 4.7). There are now ActionScript related errors in the examples that demonstrated Design View. You've had 2 years to fix this...


      It seems that you  might be shooting yourself in the foot here by:

      1. Not giving new users who want to learn how to work in this environment current information (or at least linbking to new information). This is NOT a way to encourage new customers!

      2. Not showing any work around options - such as linking to Dreamweaver, Illustrator or Flash Pro in some way? or updating the tutorial and showing how to create the components in the code view?

      3. Marketing? Standards? groups within the company need to anticipate and develop fixes BEFORE making such drastic changes - this has NOT been done and it reflects poorly on the product (which is actually pretty cool)!


      What is the alternative?


      Aren't there other tools in CC that can be integrated in some already well defined way? i.e. I can edit a menu in Encore by selecting "edit in Photoshop". Why can't something like this be available?


      I realize that this is one of Adobe's evolutionary mashup products (ie. Flash uses the timeline that originated in Director, Premiere & AfterEffects use tools acquired from CultEffects and AutoMasker, etc.) so there are many behind the scenes licensing issues that have determined the product evolution (and the products occasionally evolve in unexpected ways) - but it seems a bit contrarian to remove useful features without providing workarounds that users will think are BETTER than the old way!