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    Mozilla Firefox 22.0 and Flashplayer 11.8.800.94 (German)

    Peter from BERLIN

      Hey there,

      first SORRY my "****" English!

      I have problems with my computer with Flashplayerversion 11.8.800.94.

      I work with Win 7 (64bit) and Mozilla Firefox 22.0.

      Everytime when i go to a page with Flashplayer animations the Computer crashed!

      I get no Error-Message, i can not write on PC, i can not open the Taskmanager...i must switches the PC off and must start it new!

      I have deactivated the Hardwarespeed in Flasplayerbox.

      When i put a older Fashplayerversion on my PC it runs!

      But every time i work with older Version Mozilla say HALLO, there is a newer Version in Net, please use it.

      Every time, when a flashplayerbox is on the Internetpage, i must start the flashplayer manuelly. Than the film, or sound runs perfect, but it is not funny, that every time this Messagebox come on the screen.

      Do you hear about Problems with Flashplayer and Firefox 22.0?

      Greetings from the other side from Ocean!

      Peter from Berlin

      (I'm normally User, not a Administrator!)