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    Portfolio Design

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      Hello Adobe Forum,


      I have created an architectural portfolio using Indesign, and have also created a portfolio for print which came out great.  However, I am now in the process of creating a portfolio in an interactive PDF so that I can have the option to e-mail it to prospective employers.  My questions is, what is the best way to go about doing this using Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5?  I have noticed that since I have saved the portfolio as an Interactive PDF the images are blurry.  The images that bother me the most are the samples of my work that were created in AutoCAD.  The CAD images are so blurry that it would be difficult for a prospective employer to see while viewing online.  I am fairly new at using Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 and would appreciate all the help I can get. 


      Thanks in advance for the help,


      Quanta Design  

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          Are the images from AutoCad schematic diagrams or 3D renderings? If the images are schematic, then you can export a pdf or eps and place into Indesign document. This will retain vector data for smaller file size and keep best quality. If images are raster like a 3d rendering, then you must decide the balance of image quality/file size. If you plan to email PDF, then you will need to optimize file size, but lose quality. You may want to consider posting your Portfolio on Acrobat.com, and forwarding links to intended recipients.

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            Four things to check:

            1. The quality of the images, like Jeffery said. You might have to sacrifice quality or load time.

            2. Your description "images are so blurry that it would be difficult for a prospective employer to see while viewing" sounds to me like your links might have gotten broken somehow. Did you update, change or move the image files?

            3. There are a couple of settings that can mess with how your images are rendered in InDesign and I'm still not convinced they don't magically change on their own - but the export should be fine if this is the case. First, under View->Display Performance make sure that High Quality Display is checked; second, Object->Display Performance->High Quality Display, same thing.

            4. Sometimes when I'm going back and forth between print and web, I mix up settings a lot. If the problem is happening when you export, double check your final resolution, your downsampling, etc.


            Hope something helps.


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              Hello Jeffrey,


              Thank you so much for replying to my post, and for the tips.  I have been busy with work, but will be looking into your suggestions in a day or two.  I will let you know how it works out. 


              Thanks again,



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                Hello T,


                Thank you for the reply.  I will be looking into your suggestions shortly when I get a chance.  I appreciate the tips and will let you know what works best.


                Thanks again for your time,