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    Some advice needed


      Hi I am new to after effects though I have had some useful advice thx to a few posts I am at a stop point unsure how to continue.

      I have 2 parts of my fathers wedding video in total about 8gb I just want to cut part of on and splice them so he can post it on youtube.

      Though I have no issue cutting and splicing if I use my avi settings for render I have to literally cut 50% of my quality to get even under 50 gb and same with QuickTime.

      If there is a easy way to literally just crank out the video feeds in a single movie without all the extra work the program add to get a fine say 20gb or less please

      explain to me how.


      IF not does anyone know a easy to learn program that i can just cut up and splice 2 video and turn them into 1 without a massive file increase?


      Yes BTW i am using the compressed QuickTime and avi formats and I even tired spacing out QuickTime keyframe times to reduce file size.



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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          After Effects is the wrong tool, it's not an editing application.  You haven't specified anything about your footage, your Operating System  or your computer hardware, so it's hard to provide you a specific answer.


          Premiere Pro is Adobe's editing software.  Chances are, if you have After Effects you may also have Premiere Pro installed. 


          But most computers have simple editing software built in:  iMovie on a Mac, or Windows Movie Maker on Windows.  There are other free editing applications available on both platforms - just Google for free video editing software and you'll find examples.

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            graytoni2013 Level 1

            ahh thx i'm using window 7 and a xps 17 with a dame good viddeo card, though thank you for teh advice i will check out google.

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              As has been mentioned, you should use Premiere, or pretty much any other video editing application to edit video. After Effects is not a video editing program.


              That being said, a simple edit like what you described shouldn't be too difficult. Once you get it done, simply import your AE project into the Adobe Media Encoder and use the YouTube presets there to create your final video.