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    In Photoshop CS5 why does Camera Raw 6.7 not open a Crw Raw Image?


      I am running Windows XP Pro 32 bit system,with AMD ALthon  2600 processor.When I first installed Photoshop CS5 it would not open at all.After hours on the internet searching for online help from Adobe,L came across a on line chat.They said I needed a update for CS5.I downloaded the update and installed it and Photoshop opened up.Ithought this had solved my problem.Days Later I tried opening some Crw Raw Negatives.They would not open in Bridge or Mini Bridge.So I tried opening the raw image in Photoshop,a box pops up and says photoshop could not complete the task because it was the wrong image type.I have tried to get help in the General discussion forum,so far noyhing has worked.Also I forgot How to get to the online chat site,if anyonehas any ideas or where this site is It would help a lot......Thanks.