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    Register remoted instance, but cannot administer it.

    Adams Chan



      I have setup two Coldfusion clusters from two CF v10 server (latest update).  The first one named WWWA, second one WWWB.  Both servers have two instances named WLOCAL and WREMOTE.


      I have registered in both servers with the remote instance (e.g. SERVER_A with SERVER_B_REMOTE, and SERVER_B with SERVER_A_REMOTE).  I can also add them to the cluster.


      Here are the problems I encountered:

      1. When I add the remote instance to the cluster, the admin page returned "Service Unavailable" 503 error.  I noticed that the server seems to be restarting since I can reaccess the admin page after a few minutes.  This happens also when I edit and save the configuration again.
      2. In "Instance Manager", when I press "stop" button of the remote instance, it shows the following error message:


      Although the cluster seems to be running well, I wanted to resolve these problems.  Can anyone offers help?


      Thanks much!