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    Audio/Video slightly out of sync after exporting media and trying to watch on iPhone


      Hey adobe tech heads


      So, I recently upgraded to the new Adobe Premiere Pro CC, from Premiere Pro and I have to say that there doesnt seem to be any difference to the normal functionalites. While I am merely a beginner, i suppose there are more complex features that i have yet to discover.


      But let me get to the point of this discussion. I have been making a few fun videos for friends of mine of their childrens birthday parties and such. I have a Nikon D3200 which is a 24 megapixel camera for images and have been shooting 1080p for the video, which i think uses 25 frames per second. (Dont quote me on that one as i am still learning all this techno-jargon). I was, in the beginning, having a slight issue with choosing the correct sequence settings in the beginning, but eventually managed to figure out that for my Nikon, i was choosing the DSLR, 1080p, 25fps option. So far, all seemed to work well, everything synced up, rendering the files often, and creating a fun memory for the parents, of their childs birthday party.


      Then is comes to exporting. I would just select "Media" and then "Export" which would bring up the Export Settings Menu. I would simply press the Queue button, and then in in the Queue section, i could choose to make a video file typically for Youtube in HD. Before posting this discussion, I did a quick youtube search, so not to waste all your time, and found this link of this guy who not only showed me that i dont need to Queue it up, and can direclty select Youtube HD from the Export Settings menu which i will try, but he also confused the #%^&$(*& out of me with all his bitrate settings talk (this part starts around the 3min and 32secs mark into his youtube tutorial) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2j5dnlDmos  (The reason I am showing you this is because now, i am not sure if this is what may cause my slow phone/tablet issue)


      So here is my problem - Once i edit and export the file into the youtube 1080 25fps HD option, I open this new exported file on my pc and it works fine, perfectly synced and ready to share. Once i have uploaded it to Vimeo, which is my preferred social media network, it uploads fine, and on any normal pc/laptop, there is no problem and it runs just as smoothly as when it was edited. Although i noticed that the video seems to be playing at about half a second behind the audio when trying to show someone on any iPad/tablet or any mobile phone. I recently made this clip as a tester and to be able to show you awesome braniacs, because its kinda pissing me right off, that the video isnt perfectly syncing into the audio on the phones and tablets, but works just fine on a PC/Mac. I specifically made a point to match the images up to the beats of the songs, and if you watch where the little kid climbs up the indoor rockclimbing wall, this might help you understand my frustration. check the below link on your pc/mac, and then again on your phone and you will see what i mean. I even played them simutaneously together and you can see the delayed video on the phone/tablet than on the PC/Mac. 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated on how to fix this, as while its doing my head in, i am sure for you guys, a simply change on my lack of tech knowlege, will probably have us all smiling! Here is the clip -   https://vimeo.com/7105289


      Thank guys. I look forward to your replies