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    Render audio in PP CC very slow and creating huge .cfa files

    Bill MI Level 1

      I've been using PP for years, (mostly on CS5) producing multicam edits of three camera AVCHD footage with 48000 AAC audio and have not seen this problem.  The problem is that when doing multicam editing with CC if I click on "render audio" to made sure the audio waveform shows on all the clips in the timeline, it will take a very long time.  This is well after I have imported the video and audio and it's gone through the conforming process, creating .cfa files in the Media Cache.  When I try to do this audio render it begins furiously making very large cfa files (50 GB+) in the video cache directory.  What in CS6 might take 5 minutes now takes about an hour.  With earlier versions of PP I've had preview cfa's in that directory but they've usually been 1-2 GB.  I'm guessing this relates to the fact that multicam editing now uses the new nested sequence approach.  No one else seems to be reporting this but I can't believe I'm alone.


      By way of background, the data is being written to the media cache at 60-80 MB/sec so this isn't the result of a slow hardware confirguation.  I've got 16 GB of storage and there are no page faults being reported.